What I’ve Made with Pistons in Minecraft

Here’s a video I made to test out our capture tools for making video reviews. It’s a bit long and rambling but also a glance into what I spend my time doing in Minecraft. Most of the designs featured are me tinkering with designs I find over on r/Minecraft.

Redstone circuits works the same way as digital electronics, a design decision that other developers should pay attention to. I’m learning practical skills doing this, sometimes complexity is the way to go. Personally I think Pistons finally give redstone a real reason to exist and I’m looking forward to the┬ápossibilities┬áthat learning the mechanics behind logic gates and repeaters will open up for me.

If you’d like me to do more of these mention it in the comments below. Also to those who miss our Minecraft Server I have plans to bring it back in September. Fingers Crossed.

5 thoughts on “What I’ve Made with Pistons in Minecraft

  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing a couple more like this and if you used pistons you could always do an Indiana Jones like thing if you get your multiplayer server back.

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