Chronic Reload Minecraft Server is Live

If only it were real

As you may have noticed Chronic Reload loves Minecraft. Notch’s one man game changer has earned a special place in all our hearts. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve chosen Minecraft to be the first in our totally free to access Chronic Reload Public Servers. Here’s where you can buy Minecraft (which mineblowingly is still only in alpha.) The server is public and free to access but is limited to 18 players at a time. Also our admins have reserve slots so apologies if we have to kick people from time to time in order to join. We’re hoping this is the beginning of a Chronic Reload Community of lovely video game playing people.

Access the server by copying and pasting the following Ip Address:


A huge thanks from Chronic Reload to Mr Fergus McKeown who generously donated the funds to keep it up and running. So what will we build? Here’s what I’m proposing to begin with:

  • Project #1) Fergus McKeown Statue That’s right, were going to thank our benefactor in style, built on The Highest Peak of Chronic Reload’s Land. Square base made out of proper stone. Statue itself made from solid gold (which we’ll have to mine obviously.) Statue will resemble a minecraft player character.
  • Project #2) Gold/Diamond Mine Access Tunnel Gold and Diamond are only found at the lowest levels of our land. I propose a massive mine shaft leading straight to the core from which we will gradually mine outwards. A straight drop to an underground lake for quick access, this is then surrounded by a minecart system which spirals upwards to the top.

For now please use the comments section below as a forum for discussing what we build and how to build it. For the moment I’ll update this post to keep track of major projects.

Finally we’ll be outright banning griefers, so just don’t.

15 thoughts on “Chronic Reload Minecraft Server is Live

  1. Just played the official launch of the server- it was brilliant!

    We mined down as far as we could before branching off in search for the good stuff. Eventually I and another player managed to get lost in a vast, expansive network of caves. It was a grueling few weeks (or hours if you're talking about real-life time) but we were finally rescued by our team… After they realised they'd ran out of iron and wanted ours.


  2. Minecraft is unfair. So very, very unfair. I've heard that Notch says he plans to make Minecraft more difficult, but I think it's bad enough when you have other humans running around in your world, doing what they want, destroying what they think “necessary” for the greater scheme of things.

    The night began on a high note. Skype activated and banter flowing freely we joined the server and started in with a bit of work on our vertical glass roof mine. This mine shaft was already pretty deep – to give you an idea of the scale of it, if you stood on the then bottom floor and looked up you would only see a tiny sliver of light in an otherwise impossibly dark tunnel. So we dug down some more.

    Once we hit ground we expanded outwards and decided it was time to get serious. After watching a video tutorial [] I was put in charge of the diamond operation. I wish I could say it worked well, but sadly it's time consuming and the yield was low compared to all the effort put in.
    Everyone went off and built their own thing; Pip worked on his world-spanning train track and Hugo excavated his tunnel of a thousand torches while Tim and Fergus did some other super secret important stuff that I can't talk about on here.
    That left just Spence and I in the mine, slowly providing the workers with their resources to live the dream in the land of trees and sunshine and daises above. Fuckers. We broke our backs for you. And our pickaxes. Hundreds of pickaxes.

    Anyway, as the noble Spence already mentioned we found a cave that branched off from our attempt at diamond mining. This cave… well. Lets just say those Chilean miners had nothing on us. We were lost for hours. Spence and I explored in all that time, finding a wealth (really!) of iron and gold down there. Countless times we thought we had reached the end, only to turn around and see another enticing cave. The promise of riches from a glimmer of light in the cold darkness of the void seemed to draw us in as we raced to explore the world beneath.

    We would have stayed down there for longer if it was not for the lack of trees. You see, we were low on torches but had plenty of coal – if only we had wood then we could have stayed down for longer. Also our overlords from the land of fun above over-heard us discussing our great haul of minerals, and so decided they wanted it all. So they dug down and “rescued” us.

    Before I leave, Spence, I feel I have something to share. We didn't know each other till our fateful meeting deep underground when you needed someone to come mine your gold, but after our journey through the netherworld I believe we grew closer than any two Minercrafters could have. Yes, even more than the Chilean chaps. Remember how towards the end, when we had no more torches we worked in perfect, silent, unison? You placed the last few torches and I picked them up after us. That was magical. Thank you for an amazing life experience in Minecraft.

    Spence, I will always be there with torch in-hand and a smile on my face, happy to mine your gold.

  3. Hahaa. That was touching and so very, very true!

    I feel we have a bond stronger than any sibling/couple/link in a human centipede could ever have. Thank you for that.

    Also: I've decided to write a quick article/story about the adventure. Needing screen caps I quickly loaded up and ventured back down into the mine (all of which seems to be 2nd nature to me now!)

    After getting to the large, natural hugo mine we discovered I started searching for areas to get pics of… And stumbled upon a yet unexplored area of the mine. You'd recognise it if you saw it (it involved walking up a stream, something we must have said “Ah, we'll do that route later”) but we've yet to explore it.

    It didn't feel right being down there alone, without my mining buddy, so I saved and disconnected. Another adventure awaits…

  4. These are awesome guys! I'll do up a piece with extracts from these tomorrow. Also I think we should propose another statue, to the friendship of Biznitch and Antiundead, their coal warms our bodies but their love warms our hearts

  5. I propose it's made out of rebuilt stone, with torches bristling all over it. Though I am open to other ideas.

  6. i already made project 2. It is a 20 – 20 straight drop to the bottom with a minecart and booster system, unformunatly threes to many minges and they broke it. if you want to locate it, it is under my castle (also griefed) in estoir.

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